Hindi Tv Show Bollywood Retake

Bollywood Retake Hindi tv-shows on Mastiii

Bollywood re-take is an entertainment show telecasted on Mastiii TV. Suresh Menon makes spoofs of different Bollywood films. It is of form comedy genre. Here various sections of films are re-enacted in a hilarious way. This kind of an act is called a parody. The tit-bits of the famous film Sholay are roasted and is re-named Dolay. For example, Viru and Jay don't know that Thakur doesn't have hands. Though the gun is lying beside him, he is helpless. After the fight they confront Thakur, and he opens curtains on the fact that he doesn't have hands. This famous part of the film transforms into hilarious parody.

The last part is changed to Thakur revealing that his trouser doesn't have lace to tie a knot. The part of the picture when Gabbar Singh asks Samba how many people were there is one the most prominent part of the movie. Samba replies that there were two of them, and though they were three in number, they couldn't win. Here, in the new version, Samba is shooting with his gun when Gabbar comes in front of him. Samba pushes him aside which is funny. Samba is shown loyal and respectful to his master Gabbar in the original film; here it is completely vice versa. Later, Samba shoots making a bullet sound from his voice and awakens the pigs.

They have no option left but to run away from the pigs chasing them. The popular part of the film, when Basanti dances for her Viru on the glass pieces while Gabbar confines him to poles. This translates into a parody. Here, she belongs to a high class and is shown flirting with Gabbar. She refuses to dance on the broken glass pieces as she has done a French pedicure the day before. It tickles your funny bone. The parody ends with Viru dancing instead of Basanti. Another masterpiece Agneepath, in which the experienced and dedicated actor Amitabh Bachchan played the role of Vijay, is made into a parody.

The film Anand which gained popularity because of its unique concept and the portrayal of friendship between two friends, characters played by Rajesh Khanna as Anand and Amitabh Bachchan as Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee. It gave a message that “live life to the fullest as we don’t know if we will be able to see the tomorrow”. The ending of the film, when Anand dies, is roasted into an act full of sarcasm. Compilation of the best comedy into just two to three minute of a video is an outstanding form of art. These talented people have successfully done their part of the job of bringing laughter and increasing the lifespan of many folks.