Hindi Tv Show Biographies Ek Kalakar Ki Kahani

Biographies Ek Kalakar Ki Kahani is a documentary based show in the Hindi language that aired on the channel, Sony Max. Sony Max is a movie entertainment and a sister channel to Sony Entertainment Television. Sony Entertainment Network or SET is one of the earliest and most popular broadcasting networks in the Hindi channel that is owned by the Sony Pictures Network. The show, Biographies Ek Kalakar Ki Kahani was launched in the year 2002.

The show was aired one day a week, on Fridays, at 8:30 p.m. Biographies Ek Kalakar Ki Kahani is a compelling series on the who’s who of Indian Cinema. Like any other major industry, Indian Cinema has had its golden era. The times which gave us movies worth watching, movies with content that rattled up emotions inside of even a dead man, movies that gave us talented artists whose work went on to be mentioned in the history of Indian Cinema in golden words. These artists went on to become the legends for today’s generation. Many of them enjoyed the prosperities of success in both professional and personal life.

On the contrary, many of them were never given their dues in their time. Some of these legends met happy endings while some others had tragic fates. This show brings us an up-close and personal peek into the lives of these cinematic legends. From the genre of music, legends like Mohammad Rafi, Sachin Dev Burman, to actors par excellence like Meena Kumari, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Sadhna, to epic multi-talented faces of the Indian Cinema like Guru Dutt, Kishore Kumar, Raj Kapoor, etc. This show engrosses the audience into their personal and professional lives.

The show features various interviews from different people who have been closely associated with these legends both personally and professionally that enlighten us with insights into the various facets of their excellent work. However, it was not all rosy for all of them. It is only human that these great actors, music composers, and directors also had their own set of flaws which led to the downfall of some of them.

Their love affairs, major work failures and various bouts of depression, the show covers that aspect of their lives as well. Though the show did not gross great TRP ratings because it suffered the heat of not being a prime-time show, the show proves that it is a labor of love and a successful fruit of a great deal of research.

The show was hosted and narrated by national-award winning, veteran actor, Om Puri. Coming from a theatre background, Om Puri had a beautiful hold over his narrative skills which brought the stories of these legends in a more dramatic way. The show completed 26 episodes in total. The show also won the ITA award for the Best Music and Film based show. The show was conceptualized by Vinod Salhotra and video edited by Ramesh Nair.