Hindi Tv Show Bindass Play

It was launched on 1st October, this year and Walt Disney company (India)owns it with the tagline: “sathhai to baathai”. The network is a music station, which targets the young crowd of the country the age group of 15-25. The channel will play 13 shows in total, and right now they are broadcasting three shows: 'Melody Remedy', ' Ishq Messenger', 'Tweet the Beat’. Bindass Play will substitute UTV Stars, which was also a creation of Disney India.

They are planning to, initially, play the songs not older than 90’s, and they are going to do mood mapping as they are going to play strong-willed songs in the morning, calming in the afternoon and relaxing tunes in the night. Their saying is: there is a track for every instant in life. For the making of the playlist,they are taking the request of the Audiences through Facebook and messages in which the viewer can also devote the song to other people with a message attached the channel will broadcast at the bottom of the screen.

They are coming up with a show “Selfie-Wala” in which they accept as a request with a selfie,Which is quite a vivid project, one must say because selfies are quite popular in the young group right now and would encourage the fresh minds to come forward with the song of their choice. Bindass is also launching an app “B-play” so that people can vote their songs quite effortlessly and efficiently. Right now it is only available for Android users and still not planning for IOS as they are targeting the major adolescents in the country.

The core principle of the channel is to be as appealing as possible. As the youngsters are tech-savvy and love to enjoy the playlist originated by them, bindass play is providing with them a break to do so. They can relish music of their choice all day long. Siddharth Roy Kapur, Managing Director, the Walt Disney Company mentioned in a recent interview that they wanted a channel which can compete with Bindass and could be loyal to its customers just like Bindass is.

The most remarkable thing about the station is the “Bollywood-republic” they are introducing. So as to combine the Bollywood and the culture of India they are asking many folk players to play the widespread tunes presenting miraculous melodies. Bindass play will air the show for a limited time in a day, and they will give the preference to the audience rated music shows.