Hindi Tv Show Big Switch Season 4

Big Switch Season 4 Hindi Tv shows on Utv bindass

Big switch season-4 is a show, which is telecasted in the channel UTV Bindass. It began its telecast from January 13, 2013, every Sunday at 7 PM. Big Switch Season-4 is the fourth season of Big Switch. It is a complete reality show. The Actress Genelia D’Souza hosted the first season. This show is about the rich guys who don’t know the value of money. They have to work and earn their own money to live and meet their own necessities for daily living. Gaurav Chopra hosted the Big Switch season-4. He was seen in many serials too. He gained much popularity after hosting the show Big Switch Season-4, as it was a reality show. Big Switch Season-4 participants were divided initially into three gangs where each contained four participants.

All the twelve contestants have to work in the team as separated earlier. The participants were Haneet Narang, Ashley, Saloni Kapoor, Kajol Tyagi from the group Delhi, Abhimanyu Thapar, Jessica, Vidur Dhawan, and Alisha from group Mumbai, Sukhbir, Mehak, Preetpal and Navpreet from group Chandigarh. These are not only the contestant’s names but also the gangs as divided in the first episode. They had to go through a competition where they have to work in a team not individually. This show is exclusively for the spoilt children of wealthy families, and finally, after winning the show, they are titled with India’s Toughest Raeeszade.

There is a guy Sukhbir where he badly wanted to go to Canada before getting into the show. He is the member of Chandigarh group where at the end of the show he was presented with the visa to Canada and was extremely blissful. His happiness had no bounds that minute while receiving the Visa Finally, after many hurdles, the last two groups were Mumbai and Chandigarh left. The Chandigarh Chillers finally proved their talent and won the title of the Big Switch Season-4 as India’s Toughest Raeeszade.Not only winning the title but they also learned how to survive without their parent’s money.