Hindi Tv Show Big Money

Big Money Hindi Tv shows on Imagine tv
Big Money- Chhota parda Bada Game was a family game show of quizzing genre with the difference that the show did not test your general Knowledge, Mathematical or analytical ability or knowledge of world affairs, it simply asked questions concerning media and entertainment industry in India. The show was produced by the famous TV honcho Siddhartha Basu and it was hosted by talented South Indian star R. Madhavan who had already proved his talent in movies like Rang de Basanti and Three Idiots etc. it was the first time on Indian Television that featured exclusive questions about things seen on TV – popular soaps, reality shows, advertisements, cartoons, news and all others. Participants were not individuals, they were families or extended families of four members. The more a family knew about TV programmes, more chances to win big money and the highest prize was Rs. One Crore. There were seven stages of the show, with one level for each family member containing four questions. Questions were simple at the beginning, but harder as the game progressed. Contestants rearranged themselves as per their knowledge on each topic/question. One wrong answer broke the link and the game ended for the family. The participants had to pass through a test of 8 rounds to reach the final round of one crore. In each round, the participating family selected a topic out of the two offered to them. The teams ( families) could leave the game at any point of time, but no prizes were there if a concertina level was not achieved. Three insurances named as Pass, exchange and discuss with family were also allowed in the show.

The game show was telecast on NDTV Imagine in 72 episodes starting from July 10, 2010.