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From the old generation to the new, from the adults in the family to the youngest one, from a man to a woman, from a grandfather to the grandson or granddaughter, we all believe in God, and it’s divine powers. We always pray for a miracle when things go wrong. We always trust the lord that he will not let his child get harmed. We light candles, we light diyas in his devotion and sing the prayers to let him know that we do believe in him and remember him every day. Our day begins by praying lord and ends with thanking him for the day that he gave us and pray for a better tomorrow. When scared, we wish to read sacred books, when nothing feels right we wish to sit in those holy places.

And most importantly, be it any religion that we belong to, we find peace in all of those places. We feel the same strength and positive energy around us. Listening to a bhajan make us feel peaceful within our minds. Listening to a devotional song brings peace to our soul, and gradually the stress of the entire day, the sadness in life feel like it’s no more there. We all start our days with the name of God, which makes us confident that our day will go on smoothly now. To enlighten your day and give a great start to the day Bhakti Sagar presents you with the pure devotional songs.

The popular bhajan singers have sung the songs. The show is telecasted on Dabangg TV every morning in Hindi and Bhojpuri languages. Each bhajan tells you the stories in Hindu mythology. They describe the small stories of Hindu God and Goddess listening to which you feel connected to the lord and develop faith in his power and vision. The show brings beautiful bhajan to its viewers and helps them relax and feel positive. Keep yourselves tuned to Dabangg TV every morning to listen the best of bhajans by renowned singers and keep your energy high for the day with positivity.