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Behadd is a Pakistan- based telefilm that premiered on 23rd February 2013 and broadcasted on Hum TV. This series was directed by Asim Raza Asim Raza, whose full name is Asim Raza Khan, is a >> Read More... , a famous director in Pakistan and produced by Momina Duraid starring Fawad Khan, Adnan Siddiqui Adnan Siddiqui is a well-known Pakistani actor. He >> Read More... , Sajjal Ali, Nadia Afgan The mere mention of PTV (Pakistan Television Corpo >> Read More... and Shamoon Abbasi Shamoon Abbasi is a Pakistani actor. He also direc >> Read More... is a very emotional show. The story depicts the intense bond between mother and her child and how that love can become so possessive that they can’t see what is right for the other person. In this telefilm, Masooma, a working woman who is the mother of a 15- year-old girl, Maha has lost her husband in a car accident loves and cares for her daughter so deeply that Maha becomes possessive for her mother’s love and an introvert, and she dislikes if her mother meets new people.

Masooma meets her childhood friend Jamal Ahmad who is a divorcee, and they start to approach and interact too often that he comes for dinner at their home. Despite Maha’s introvert nature she too becomes very close to Jamal and starts bonding with him. Jamal proposes Masooma one day, but she is not very comfortable with the proposal as she is five years older than him and thinks that Maha will not accept anybody in place of her father but after being convinced by her friend Shafaq that he is the right person for her she decides to remarry.

Maha will not be very happy with the marriage decision, but agrees to it. One day Masooma asks Jamal to pick Maha from school as she is busy. But later on, Maha blames him of ‘sexual assault’. After this incident, Masooma breaks up with Jamal, and they move on with their lives. A few days later, Maha confesses to Shafaq that her accusal was false, and she disliked the idea of accepting anybody in place of her father and that she is filled with remorse and asks Jamal to forgive her.

Masooma, on the other hand, sees this, the film ends with the scene where Masooma and Maha are crying and hugging each other and Jamal, on the other hand, sees this emotional bond. Sajjal Ali as Maha, who has starred in shows like ‘Zindagi Kitne Haseen Hay’. Nadia Jamil Nadia Jamil is a Pakistani actress, who started he >> Read More... as Masooma who started her acting career with show ‘Putli Ghar’. Fawad Khan, the most popular connection between India and Pakistan who has done hit movies like ‘ Kapoor And Sons Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ‘ Khoobsurat Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ and much more to his credentials.