Hindi Tv Show Be Dune Daha

Be Dune Daha Hindi tv-shows on STAR PRAVAH

This serial comprises of a story of two single parents who come up together, with the fate of destiny. Will the two be able to give a happy life to the kids they have? Vibhavari Bapat and Swanand Dixit both are single. They both have two children from their first marriage. Vibhavari’s marriage failed, and she divorced her husband. She is a reserved person, who likes to be in the company of few people whom she admires. Swanand lost his wife to an accident since then he has been taking care of his son and daughter. Swanand being a person with bubbly nature is quite humorous and funny.

He quickly interacts with people around and gets involved. Being a single parent has never been easy in Indian society. The attitude that the neighbourly people show affects not only parents but also their children. Both Vibhavari and Swanand live in a neighbouring area of Mumbai, as they both come from a middle-class family. They both have a good bond and understanding. They keep on sharing about how their children are being and the single parenting, the area of interest, which they have in common. However, the society does not take the time to point fingers at them. They are proved to be in a sort of relationship which is not their will, in the absence of their first husband and wife.

The society’s pressures and allegations bring them under the same roof. The fact that their children miss the other parent from their life adds to this factor. The decision of Vaibhav's and Swanand is however not taken easily by their children. The Bapat and Dixit siblings do not want to accept their steps. The particular decision leads to lots of dramas and twists in the family. The children disobey and revolt against their step parents. Despite the love and care from their steps, the siblings fail to obey them. The siblings are not ready to accept the other two siblings.

Lots of planning and plotting takes place by the siblings to prove the other two as inferior. There come the time when they regret of getting together for giving a better upbringing to their children. The two parent, however, keeps trying hard. The mother keeps pampering the all four; equally, the father helps his all four children get out of troubles. Slowly the efforts of the two parents bring the family closer. The siblings who had plans in mind against each other become compassionate and get close. The family ends as a whole, happy and prosperous.