Hindi Tv Show Axe Ur Ex



Axe ur Ex was a youth-based reality TV show which was hosted by popular VJ and theater artist Namit Das. He has done several plays and movies to his credits. However, he became famous for his role of Rishi Raheja, the friend of Ranbir Kapoor's character in the movie Wake up Sid. The TV show was conceptualized and created by the team of the Channel V, and the show was premiered on the same channel. Several people would come onto the show, who had been either ditched or betrayed by their former lovers. These people would then, with the help of the show's team, spoil the whole day of their former lovers, by playing various embarrassing pranks on them.

In the end, the lovers would have a confrontation, which mostly use to end in a verbal spat. In one of their episodes, a girl named Sania completely screwed up her ex-boyfriend Siddharth's day. The team bribed an auto rickshaw driver who purposely rode slow so that Siddharth reached his work late and was reprimanded. On the same day, he went out with a girl to a mall, who was from the Axe-ur-ex's team. Obviously, he was unaware that the girl was from Axe ur Ex's team. The girl sneaked in an object into his bag without permission and thus he was again reprimanded by the mall representatives.

Several such pranks would be played on the unsuspecting people by their exes, who were betrayed or hurt by them. In one of the other episode, it also happened that the person who had cheated on his partner lied to the crew members and himself came onto the show to play a prank on his innocent ex-girlfriend. However, he was not aware that the makers verify the claims made by the people who come on the show. Upon knowing the guy's truth, the makers pretended to be with him, but they were in fact on the girl's side. They informed her and with her help, played a prank on him, instead.

The show also had a segment where the people who played pranks, use to talk about the behavior of their exes. The show enjoyed immense popularity due to its unique and out-of-box subject among the youth. Due to its popularity, the makers decided to make another season of the show, which also became a big hit. The show was telecasted on the channel, once a week, every Friday at 7:00 pm.