Hindi Tv Show Aap Ki Adalat

Aap Ki Adalat Hindi tv-shows on INDIA TV

Aap Ki Adalat is a small screen show which is presented by Rajat Sharma. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and primary editor of the channel India TV. The episode was broadcasted on March 13, 1992, on channel Zee TV. In 2004, Rajat and his spouse created a new channel India TV and aired the show on his own channel. The viewers have been supporting Rajat Sharma since 1994 over many ages because of his non-prejudiced interviews and the frank discussions happening on the show. It is the leading show which brings officials, artists, and sports personalities to the podium for interviews. Besides, open debates on topics related to political affairs are debated in this show using the public’s outlook. 

The setup of Aap Ki Adalat looks like an actual court wherein they assign some other personality as a judge advocate, and Rajat acts as a solicitor to mark the entire setting like an actual law court. In the show, Sharma has interrogated over 500 personalities with a characteristic feature of the longest running television show in India's television history.  Aap Ki Adalat, hosted by Rajat Sharma, has accomplished 21 years of presence. Since its launch in 1993, the show has perceived celebrities ranging from high post officials, Bollywood superstars to sports stars and religious gurus, being questioned on TV by Rajat in a unique way. The show has seen noticeable faces mouthing out their sentiments - some hoping to intimidate, various guarding their acts and certain of them shedding tears.

Aap Ki Adalat, a fixed weekend affair on India TV, has persistently been ruling the small screen rankings for a long time. Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan conveyed grief on the fact that his patriotism is questioned time after time on the show. Khan said that he feels dreadful when he is repetitively made to tell that he is really a proud Indian. He said this when he was invited to be a part of this popular TV show on India TV. Sharma quizzed Khan on an array of matters, from his fame to the political condition of India, to his thoughts on the criticism and hatred that he had to encounter, after his comments last year. Speaking to Sharma, Shah Rukh restated his loyalty and love for the country.