Hindi Tv Show A Cut Above

A Cut Above Hindi tv-shows on Zoom

A Cut Above is a Hindi reality show telecasting on Zoom TV which is a famous Indian music channel. Sponsored by TRESemme, India welcomes a talent show that hunts new hairstyling techniques in the general youth of hairdressers for the first time, and the one who wins this reality show gets to work as a stylist for TRESemme. The concert is an orientation to give ‘a cut’ to the new generation to prove that they are above in world of styling and represent the exoticness of their creativity.

Aalim Hakim, the well-known hairdresser, famous for his achievement and innovation in the field of styling along with Rod Anker and Natasha Naegamvala work in collaboration to find the one who is cut above all the contestants to perform in the reality check show. Not only the judges will assist and guide the young minds and best productive fingers of India to achieve their target or dream but also encourage the profession of Hairdressing as a major dimension of the contemporary urban society. The generation 21st century feeds upon the fashion as a necessity of life, and this attribute of the world has been changing from era to era evolving as a new trend in every decade.

The generation is raised on a fascinating concept of media which conventionally makes them conscious of the fashion arising around them. The youth is more worried about their looks as the world of this era demands. They prefer keeping an updated display of fashion in their clothing, accessories and hairdressing as a part of a lifestyle. Moreover, hairdo has spread its branches as a unique profession for many years now which makes it prevalent for every part of youth to obey with its inspirational and stylish looks. Many saloons have evolved to serve the needs of styling hair in multiple techniques and cuts. Hair care has become a major objective of these institutions.

The regular innovation in the field keeps the clients at their heels to toe in salons; professionals make sure that the customers are given a complete satisfaction as per their outfits or the demand of the occasion. Hairdo has been a self-adapting and autodidactic profession from the very classics of its history. The contestants that perform in A Cut Above get selected by their creativity, knowledge, technical skills and academic lessons where they are only a step away from the dream entry of the styling world of hairdressers. The show is being conducted at a national level, they are authorised to apply and possibly win the chance to become a professional hairdresser at TRESemme, India.