Hindi Tv Serial Zindagi Wins

Zindagi Wins Hindi tv-serials on UTV BINDASS

Bindass channel has always offered something new and this time, also they are ready with their new project which is a hospital drama. The name of the show is 'Zindagi wins' starring Kiran Shrinivas, Kushal Punjabi, Abigail Jain and Sara Khan. The series is said to be directed by Vikram Labhe whereas the program creator is Siddharth Malhotra. A set of 24 episodes are ready and the season is planned to air from 21st February 2015 to 13th June 2015. The production house behind the show is the company who received appreciation for their previous shows, Dil Mill Gaye and Sanjivani.

The story revolves in Lifebeat hospital. A new doctor Dr Alia joins the hospital. She has a personality of taking decisions by heart and not brain. Her this thought process generates differences between her and Dr Malvika who is totally opposite to her. Her nature lands her in trouble, but Dr Ishaan helps her out. Dr Malvika and Dr Ishaan were once a couple who still love each other. Dr Alia decides to bring them together once again. During this course, a new character, Dr Veer enters the show. Veer, being an ex-army doctor, his nature and work style irritates the existing doctors.

Alia patches up the differences between Malvika and Ishaan. During this patch up period, Alia and Ishaan discover that an illegal organ trafficking racket is active in the hospital lead by Dr Sinha and burst it. Then, a love triangle gets build. Ishaan realises his feelings for Alia but decides not to confess in front of her as he is not aware of Alia's feelings. On the other hand, Veer falls for Alia and their bond gets stronger. Alia helps his idol Dr Bedi to mend his relationship with his daughter, Dr Malvika. Till now, Alia also loves Ishaan but for the sake of Dr Bedi, she rejects her feelings and enters in a relationship with Veer.

But on a double date, Malvika hears the conversation between Ishaan and Alia where Ishaan finally confesses his feelings. At first, Malvika gets furious and slaps Alia that too in front of the hospital staff but ultimately sidelines her when she realises the Alia and Ishaan are really in love. Veer also moves out of the situation after telling Alia, the truth about her father. Alia and Ishaan become a couple, and it’s a happy ending. 'Zindagi wins' received mixed reviews and producers are not planning any second season as of now.