Hindi Tv Serial Zindagi Ki Mehek

Zindagi Ki Mehek Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Zindagi Ki Mehek is a Hindi daily soap drama boardcast on Zee TV, starred airing from 19 Sep 2016. It is written and created by Saurabh Tiwari, and produced by his production house called Parin Multimedia Private Multimedia. The show is directed by Cariappa Appaya, Pushpendra Singh and Faheim Inamdar. The show is written by Saurabh Tiwari, Vibha Tiwari, Damini Shetty, Srinita Bhojwani. Samiksha Jaiswal from Indore is playing the main female lead role, a middle class girl who is passionate about cooking and her family. The showrunners wanted to connect with the Indian housewives whose world revolved around their husbands, children and other family members, leaving aside their ambitions and dreams. The story of the show depicts the journey of a home maker.

The female protagonist Mahek, whose parents are dead, now lives with her Chacha and Chachi in a big middle class joint family in Delhi. With all troubles that a middle class family faces in India, her Chachi is more concerned about the marriage of Mahek, as working woman are more. While for Mahek, she loves cooking which she imbibed from her dead mother. Everybody loves her food and Mahek loves to feed everyone. She decides to participate in the India Super Cook competition to prove herself to her family and future in-laws. In the competition, Mahek meets Shaurya Khanna, a rich and wealthy restaurateur, who is the judge of the competition. Totally strangers to each other, though unaware of the fact that they had already met one another on a social networking site with different names. Both from the start of the competition, Shaurya hates and criticizes Mahek for her background.

His rudeness continues and Mahek insults him on one such occasion. Shaurya gets furious as no one had ever spoken to him in such harsh manner, so he now wants to avenge his insult. Shaurya uses his power to seek his revenge by getting Mahek's Chachaji arrested. Mahek realizes the game of Shaurya and requests him for her uncle's freedom, but Shaurya puts a condition, that she has to dance with him. With no option left , Mahek accepts the dance. But Shaurya still not fully satisfied, makes another plan and changes the competition's location. He reveals the destination for the next round of competition as Agra, the city of love. Mahek's family asks her to quit the competition, as they don't want her to go alone that far. But Mahek having decided to escape and attend the competition in Agra, leaves behind a letter that says she needs to do this for her self-respect.

In Agra, Shaurya makes Mahek drink alcohol and she acts mad in the intoxicated state. Shaurya informs the media, who record her and spread the video. As the video goes viral, Mehek slaps Shaurya for his deeds. In rage, she quits the competition and returns to Delhi. Shaurya realizing his mistake, makes an apologizy to Mehek, who is kind-hearted so she forgives him and from here, a new chemistry starts to develop between them. Mehek wins the competition. Ajay and his mother want prize money, so Ajay proposes to her for marriage, again. Mehek's agrees to marry Ajay, against the wishes of her family, due to her grandfather's stubbornness. Shaurya, who starts having feelings for Mehek, gets uneasy by the news of her marriage. He warns Mehek of her to-be husband many times telling her about his ill-mannered behaviour but Mehek turns a deaf ear every time.

In meanwhile, there is secret affair going on in between Mehek's cousin Nehal and Ajay. He threatens Nehal of leaking her personal pictures if she reveals about them to her family. Nehal attempts to commit suicide but gets saved by Shaurya. Later, Mehek and Ajay's mehendi is held at Shaurya's lawn, where Shaurya makes Ajay drunk and now has a video recording of Ajay telling the truth in a drunken state. On the day of sangeet, Shaurya reveals the truth and the wedding gets cancelled. Mehek gets hired as a chef in a big hotel owned by KD, Shaurya's business enemy. Shaurya and Rajiv approach Mehek for a job offer but Shaurya gets sad knowing about Mehek's new job though he wishes for the job. As time passes, Mehek and Shaurya began to like each other and confess it to each other. Shaurya's mom, Karuna invites the Sharma family to their house as a trap for marriage proposal.

But there Svetlana and Khannas insult and humiliate Mehek's family, so she cancels the wedding. Shaurya comes to Sharma house and apologizes on behalf his family. Shaurya stays with the Sharma family and helps them greatly. Their love gets blossomed and their wedding date gets fixed. On the other hand, Shaurya's Mama and Mami want to stop the wedding, but fail to do so. They decide to drug Shaurya and leave him to drown in the swimming pool. On the wedding day, Mehek has an extremely bad feeling and Shaurya doesn't show up for the wedding. But Mama and Mami didn't manage to kidnap him, even after intoxicating his drink. The family knows nothing where Shaurya has disappeared. Due to which Mehek gets distressed. But later it is revealed to Mehek that Shaurya went abroad for promoting his new restaurant and she also realises that Shaurya has stolen her recipes and gets patents against them.

Broken with the fact that Shaurya was just seeking his revenge and wanted her recipes, Mehek finds that Shaurya is good hearted but has a bitter childhood incidents, causing for his nature. Mehek determines to make Shaurya realise his mistakes and love for her. The casting of the show includes Samiksha Jaiswal as Mehek Sharma, Karan Vohra as Shaurya Khanna, Vishal Gupta as Sameer Aggarwal - Shaurya's mama, Shiny Dixit as Nehal Sharma, Dinesh Verma as Balwant Sharma, Radha Bhatt as Svetlana Aggarwal, Kiara Rana as Shruti Aggarwal, Siddharth sipani as Vicky Aggarwal, Harsh Chhaya as Sanjay Aggarwal, Ashoo Kohli as KD (Kewal Damaani), Kirandeep Sharma as Kanta Sharma, Mihir Mishra as Harish Khanna Shaurya's father, Hareesh Chhabra as Jeevan Sharma, Babla Kochhar as Ravi Sharma, Vijay Meenu as Mansi sharma, Ritu Chauhan as Shaurya's ex-girlfriend, Anubhav Jain as Mohit Sharma, Maddy as Ajay Parmar Mehek's ex- fiance, Aarun Gossai as Rajeev Kapoor, Monica Kohli as Pammi, Vidushi Kaul as Sonal and Rajshree Seem as Karuna Khanna Shaurya's mother.