Hindi Tv Serial Zindagi Kahe Smile Please

Zindagi Kahe Smile Please Hindi Tv serials on Life ok
Zindagi Kahe Smile Please is an Indian comedy television show telecasted on Life OK! , Produced by Optimystix Productions. The story of this show is that of a rich man who learns the value and importance of relations from his servants. In the story the situation is showed if the roles of the master and servants are reversed, what will happen.

Addti Gupta is casted as harmony. Harmony is very has some crazy habits like walking in sleep, sleeping backwards, and behaving like a small child. She belongs to a middle class family. Dheeraj Dhoopar acts as Shikhar. Shikhar belongs to a middle class family and has seen many ups and downs in his life. He is very close to his grandfather who teaches him the rules of happy life. Shikhar’s family is small one, his grandfather, parents, brother are other members of his small and happy family. He fell in love with Harmony when is encountered her for the first time. The lead roles in this are palyed by Additi Gupta is acting as Harmony who is a free minded girl, Dheeraj Dhoopar as Shikhar who belongs to middile class family, Fahad Ali as Nimit who is rich guy.

Apart from this, the story touched upon some serious issues like eve teasing, ageing parents, and date rapes. It is a significantly celebrated show and also has many bagged many awards. The show gained popularity not only in India but also but also worldwide especially foreign where Hindi knowing Indians are settled.