Hindi Tv Serial Zindagi Badal Sakta Hai Hadsaa

Zindagi Badal Sakta Hai Hadsaa Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Zindagi Badal Sakta Hai Hadsaa is a thriller drama broadcast on Zee Tv in 2008. Lead Characters played by 'Mohan Kapoo'r (ACP Manoviraj Singh (Head of STF), Karan Oberoi ( Inspector Abhimanyu Singh/Abhi (Younger brother of Manoviraj Singh), Khalid Siddiqui (Inspector Ekaansh Thakur (Deputy Head of STF), 'Pooja Bharti' (Inspector Divyanka Chauhan (STF Officer from Kashmir's Branch), 'Himani Chawla' (Inspector 'Gurinder Kaur'/'Garry' (STF Officer from Punjab's Branch)

Zindagi Badal Sakta Hai Hadsa is an emotion thriller based on true stories, It is about that how can an incident can change your life. The show revolves around a task force which is nicknamed as STF - Special Task Force. STF is here to safeguard each and every family of our country from the impact of crimes. The show moves on with episodic stories of crime happing around the city.

Every episode has a different emotional story with a hook and how that has changed that story is the main USP of that particular episode. Like when the aircraft high jacking occurrence, when someone’s the kidney outrage when someone poisoning the city"s water system or then the serial train bomb blasts these things completely changed the lives of many people and it has a huge impact.

The idea is to bring to light about the things common people are not aware or ignores as we are very busy in our day to day life and don’t even bother to know sometimes that what is going around the world.The show had a good and social concept but fails to gain popularity.