Hindi Tv Serial Zee Horror Show

Zee Horror Show Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Zee Horror Show was a horror drama series aired on Zee TV during 90s. It was created by Ramsay family of four brothers for Zee TV, produced by Tulsi Ramsay and Shyam Ramsay and written by M. Salim. It was one of the most popular programmes of Indian TV in the 90s. Ramsay family of four brothers were already established in Bollywood movies for producing low budget successful horror movies. The show displayed short horror stories which were finished in four to five episodes . Each story was unique in its horror and suspense. Some of the stories which gained popularity the show are Raat ( Main cast Javed Khan and Sriprada), Raaz ( Javed Khan gain with Prajakta Kulkarni), Siskiyan (Rishabh Shukla with Channa Ruparel), Gehrayee (Harsha Mehra and Siraj Mustafa Khan), Jeevan Mrityu (Pallavi Joshi, Tina Ghai and Mayur) and Dastak with Pankaj Dheer with Archana Puran Singh. Jeevan Mrityu became so popular with the viewers that it had to be repeated in telecast on public demand. The basic theme of the story was dowry system prevalent in the country. The story of another story Raat was inspired by famous English story “ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Some other stories like Tehkhana were inspired form Evil dead of Hollywood, Dehshat taken from Fright Night and Guriya taken from Child's Play.

The show was telecast on Zee TV form 1993 to 1998.