Hindi Tv Serial Your Honour

Your Honour Hindi tv-serials on SONY ENTERTAINMENT

Kavitha Chowdary, the most sought film personality had joined her hand organised with another production company called as Sony Entertainment Television. The arrangement has to come up with a new legal fiction called as ‘Your Honour.’ The Chief Operating Officer had stated that it has based upon a real incident with some characters added for longevity. Kavitha had described that the third pillar of the democracy viz. Judiciary had not been in the way as it has at the earlier times.

There had latches, procrastination, as well as a lack of quality that had resulted in the delay of Justice to the victim. She had also stated that if the Justice has delayed it, Justice has denied that. In order to understand the intricacies, Kavitha had done many researches in the Field of Legal Studies. It had included the compilation of Articles by Scholars, Interviews with Senior Advocates, Retired Judges, and dynamic young lawyers. In this serial, she was centred towards the treatment of the under trial prisoners.

She had answers towards the police crimes and the brutal practices. The theme revolves around a person who had entangled in the mechanism. However, the kid had failed to adapt to the practice. She had approached the Constitutional Mechanism. She had a splendid courage to get back the right she had entitled to. She struggles and was finally obtaining the reward that she had deserved. Kavitha had mixed the element of entertainment with a societal message. This was her second work after Udaan. It has to be mentioned that Udaan had received acclaims in both common, as well as critical.

The procedure contained in the drama has to be appreciated. A lawyer of the Delhi High Court claimed that both the procedural Laws viz. Civil Procedure Code, 1908, and Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 had been present which many directors had ignored in the pictures of the same content. She had also stated that it had an educative point of the students of Law, and also to those who wish to pursue the criticality in getting the justice in the country. It has maintained the balanced approach between the difficulty in the access of Justice, and the concept of judicial activism throughout the country. It had neither criticised nor appreciated the walls of the Indian Constitution.

Thus, Indian Citizens had the Legal Dramatization to know the actual face of the Constitution, and substantive laws in the State.