Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Duniyan Gazab Ki

Yeh Duniya Gazab Ki is a Hindi serial played on Doordarshan channel in the 1990s. This show is a situation comedy or a sitcom show. The comedy centers on the characters who have common surroundings, for example, same house or a workplace. The cast comprises of Rakesh Bedi, Rajesh Puri, Neha Sharad, Swaroop Sampat, Tiku Thalsania, and others. Sharad Joshi wrote the dialogue for the series.

This show is directed by Raman Kumar and produced by Oberoi films. Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan sang the song for this show. Rakesh Bedi played the role of Nihal (the protagonist), Rajesh Puri as Jamaal Bhai, Raja Saheb’s driver, and Nihaal’s friend, Tiku Thalsania as Raja Saheb, Neha Sharad as Shubangani, the daughter of Raja Saheb and Swaroop Sampat as Surekha, Shubangani’s friend. Yeh Duniya Gazab Ki serial mocks on the bureaucratic system. It taunts on the excessive adherence to official rules and formalities in the government and how it misleads the common man.

Nihaal, a nincompoop village man, comes to the city yearning to get recognition and award from the government for his good deeds. The show begins with Nihaal, along with few children stopping the car which is driven by Jamaal Bhai. They wanted to get a ride in the car to the village. After dropping the children Nihaal and Jamaal Bhai will hear a man shouting. They call him and inquire. After speaking to the man, they get to know that, a dacoit has entered their village and is terrifying the villagers. They go to the place and observe the situation.

They get to know that the man is not a real dacoit but a common man playing with the villagers. Later Nihaal comes up with an idea. He goes to the dacoit and bravely speaks to him as Daku Man Singh. Meanwhile, Jamaal Bhai informs the police. Nihaal achieves in bringing fear in the dacoit and snatches the gun from him. At this point, the police will catch the fake dacoit. Everyone in the village is happy. Later Nihal receives a letter from the government. He learns that he has been rewarded Rs 21000/- for his past work. So he comes to the city.

Nihaal has the support of his villagers and humanitarians. Beyond gaining the support of many people, Nihaal will face many problems as he is exposed to the modern cosmopolitan culture for the first time. Also, he has to face the red tape in the government. He is ensnared in an egoistic duplicity condition which leads him to take the decision of returning to his village. Through this character, the show humorously reflects how the government officials exploit common people.