Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Duniya Hai Rangeen

Yeh Duniya Hai Rangeen Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Yeh Duniya Hai Rangeen was telecast on Sony TV. It was aired on September 4, 2010. It is a story of a society in which people from different communities and social strata live together. Daily some hilarious situation happens in the society because of their daily interactions. It had a successful run of 43 episodes in 2000-2001. Neela Telefilms, a successful television production company, owned by Asit Kumarr Modi had premiered the show on Sony TV. In a successful manner, the show was telecast on every Monday at 7.30 pm, and it was a comic serial that focused on the neighbours living in a chawl, and later they re-construct it into a society. The story revolves around ‘‘Rustamji Batliwala Ki Society’’ which was earlier a chawl but has now been reconstructed into a modern housing society. However, the changed ambiance has hardly changed the people residing here. They only know how to bind neighbours through love. For that, the inhabitants keep their doors and hearts open to help anyone in the society.

They believe it is their society and hence it is their business to know about neighbour’s problems. Even the new members who come and stay in the society are really inspired, impressed and taken back by surprise for this kind of bonding. Above all, they give viewers a strong message that their society can accommodate any different social strata groups, any different cultured people, any different religious groups which are enough to form a solid backbone of an interesting kaleidoscope of characters that is required for this TV show too. Interesting characters are seen in the series such as Kishore Kulkarni, who is cool at his workplace. But he is a dominant boss in the office. Jithu Bhai is a share broker who balances his act between his wife, mother-in-law and their only teenage daughter Richa. Above all, there is also a south Indian family, a south Indian dancer, who does dance practice that keeps everyone on edge. Hence, the episode is telecast with some unusual characters, chaos, and gossip and scandals too. It is an exact show of miniature enactment of life in a big city like Mumbai. Actor Dilip Joshi became a prominent actor after acting in this serial. Neela Telefilms has made this serial at every stage of production right from basic concept level through scripting, casting, production to editing.