Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai

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Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai is a TV serial based on the life of a lawyer Chanda Rani, who divorced her lawyer husband secretly. The story revolves around the main characters Chanda Rani and her husband Vibhuti Narayan. Her smart and clever acting skills help her take advantage in cases she fought. The show is mainly pictured in a courtroom. Prem Kapoor, the Judge in the show favours Chanda Rani, and this annoys Vibhuti Narayan the husband of Chanda Rani.

Juhi Parmar Shroff plays the role of Chanda Rani. Tiku Talsania acts as Judge Prem Kapoor , who is a happy go lucky judge. He belongs to a family of judges; to make him judge his father bribed the system. He forgets everything whenever he performs any action. He is confused and can acquit anyone or order to hang for small crimes. Stars in this show are Tiku Talsania acting as Prem Kapoor, Juhi Parmar acting as Chanda Rani, Aasif Sheikh acting as Vibhuti Narayan. 
Aashif Sheikh acts as Vibhuti Narayan in the lawyer in this show. He hails from a family of advocates and thinks that his job is biggest of all. He gets very annoyed when his divorced wife Chanda Rani comes to the courtroom where he practices law.

Another Version of the Serial...

Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, which translates to the law in English, is a Hindi comedy serial that took place in a courtroom. SAB TV Team are the creators. Manoj Santoshi is the writer. Rajan Wagdhare is the director. Rajeev Singh and Rajaram Patidar, from the Ideaz Picture Company, are the producers. What will happen if you and your ex-partner work in the same environment and your boss have a soft corner for you? It will lead it hilarious situations, won't it? The storyline of this show is quite similar. It traces the life of a women lawyer called Chanda Rani. She has separated from her lawyer husband, Vibhuti Narayan.

However, no one knows about it. Chanda is a wise woman who wins all her cases due to her smartness and intelligence. What also helps her is the fact that judge Prem Kapoor, harbors a soft spot for her. Vibhuti, on the other hand, is an arrogant lawyer who thinks he is the best and his job is the most demanding one. All his family members are working in the law business. The fact that his ex-wife works alongside him irritates him. Also, he knows about Prem's feelings towards Chanda which adds to his irritation.

Prem, like most others, is oblivious to the fact that Chanda and Vibhuti were married previously. Will Chanda and Vibhuti reconcile or will Prem manage to steal her heart? As the story progresses, the answer to this question will be made public. The show also captures the interaction between the three leading artists and how they fight their cases. The makers have treated the cases, and the squabble between them in a funny way which adds to the entertainment factor of the program. Juhi Parmar and Aashif Sheikh play Chanda Rani and Vibhuti Pandey.

Tiku Talsania essays the character of the judge. SAB TV Channel, which is famous for showcasing serials that can make people laugh, and telecasted the show from the year 2009 to 2010. It would feature on the channel, every week, on Wednesday and Thursday at half past ten at night. It replaced Yes Boss, another comedy program which revolved around a couple hiding their marriage from their boss and other office colleagues since it doesn't employ the services of married people. Rajan Wagdhare directed it, and Aashif Sheikh had worked in it. Despite the intriguing plot, the show didn't manage to perform well, and hence the channel decided to replace it with another show within a year.