Hindi Tv Serial X-Zone

X-Zone Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

X-Zone is a horror series which used to air on Zee TV in the year 1998. It was the successor to their other acclaimed program The Zee Horror Show. The series played a different story every week. The plots revolved around the supernatural powers and covered a variety of topics. Everything imaginable ranging from ghosts to zombies to Ouija boards to voodoo, anything and everything under the sun got covered. The show saw performances from a host of acclaimed actors like Ashutosh Rana, Kay Kay Menon, Irrfan Khan, and much more.

The direction and special effects used in the series were extremely professional and outpaced any of their competing shows on the other channels. Where other shows like Aahat, Zee Horror Show, and Ssshh...Koi Hai often got criticized for having very childish stories and content; X-Zone got appreciated for its mature content. The episodes of the show had a very realistic look and feel to them. The brilliant casting decisions added to the quality of the show and kept the viewers engrossed with their performances. X-Zone helped boost the popularity of the channel during its telecast and quickly became among the top rated and viewed shows by the audiences.

There have been few shows even today which may compare to the quality and popularity of this show when it comes to the horror genre. Such was its acclaim that it was a major point of discussion amongst friends and neighbors post its telecast and people would routinely discuss it on various forums. It soon acquired a cult status with regular followers of the show. X-Zone was however criticized for the complicated stories. Though the show boasted of a very loyal fan base, other viewers who did not stick around complained of the episodes becoming difficult to follow.

The quality which hence made the show stand out also created detractors. In spite of all this, it is one of Zee TV’s most popular shows ever. It enjoys fan acclaim even to this day. In spite of the show being off the air and close to two decades, it still gets tumultuous viewings on online channels like YouTube where its episodes are available.

This pattern suggests that probably somewhere the show was quite ahead of its times as well with respect to the quality of the content it put forth. X-Zone is thus a much-reminisced show amidst those who used to religiously watch it and anxiously wait for the next episode to hit the screens.