Hindi Tv Serial Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya

Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya is a Hindi television saga that aired on 14 April 2008 and ended on 30 October 2008.It was telecasted on Sony TV and covered 116 episodes. is Produced by Dheeraj Kumar's production house Creative Eye Limited and directed by Rajiv Bhanot..

Payal Sarkar as Rudra Chaudhray: Rudra is searching for love from her stepmother and other family members

Nishigandha Wad Nishigandha Wad is a prominent Marathi actress, kn >> Read More... as Sunanda: Sunanda is Rudra's real-mother, but acts as her nanny

Mukesh khanna as Biswajeet Raichowdhury: Biswajeet Raichowdhury is Rudra's stepfather

Rucha Gujarati Rucha Gujarathi is a TV actor who appears on the b >> Read More... as Piya: Piya is fake Rudra who is pretending to be Rudra since the real Rudra has been kidnapped

Surendra Pal Best known for his roles as Dronacharya in Mahabha >> Read More... as Sarvadaman Raichawdhury: Sarvadaman Raichawdhury is Rudra's real-father, Biswajeet's older brother

Gufi Paintal Gufi Paintal is a Bollywood actor who acted in som >> Read More... as Panditji: Panditji, Raichowdhury's family priest

Show Concept

The story is based on the life of an adopted girl named Rudra, who was left in the temple steps by her mother Sunanda as she knew she would be unable to raise the child on her own. Biswajeet Roy a well known businessman and his wife Yashomati who are unable to have a child find Rudra in the temple and take her home.

Yashomati and Biswajeet accept the baby with open arms, but slowly Jaya (Biswajeet’s sister) poisons Yashomati against Rudra, saying that she could be Biswajeeti's illegitimate child and this evokes ill feelings in Yashomati’s mind against Rudra. Slowly Yashomati’s love and care for Rudra dies down, and Yashomati starts ignoring and ill treating the girl. Biswajeet realizes that Yashomati is not interested in taking care of Rudra. He hires a nanny who turns out to be Sunanda.

Sunanda was secretly married to Sarvadaman (Biswajeet’s elder brother) who went missing when the family business went through tough times. Rudra is their daughter. Rudra is searching for love from her stepmother and other family members. Rudra knows that she is adopted. She is very close to her father, but not to other family members. She is aware of her limitations and keeping that in mind she takes care of her family members. She does not take it to heart when family members yell at her or curse her.

As the story unfolds we find out that the Biswajeet passes the mantle of the will to Rudra, but she refuses and passes it on to the eldest son. This marks the beginning of the downfall for the family as the story unfolds we realize the actual legitimate owner of the whole property is none other than Rudra.