Hindi Tv Serial Waaris

Waaris Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Waaris is an Indian television drama series on Hindi language, under the direction of Bhushan Patel. The show premiers on July 28, 2008 and lasted until December 4, 2008 on Zee TV channel. The concept of the show was quite similar to the dramatic thriller film, Sarkar in 2005 and the film, Sarkar Raj by Ram Gopal Varma. The show runs for almost five months and completes a total of 64 episodes, comprising the 12 episodes that were canceled because of the Indian Television Strike that happens for three weeks.

Waaris evolves on the life of Rudra Pratap Singh, an underworld Mafia Don, and his journey on finding the real and appropriate Waaris or the heir that he will place in the position that he made in the unlawful world. Rudra fell in love with a typical Indian woman. The serial comprises with thrill and suspense and brings out all the emotions. At first, the story gained appreciation by the audience but later on, they received negative response because of bad storytelling.

The main casts of the show are Ashish Vidyarthi who played the role of Rudra Pratap Singh, a Mafia Don. After this serial, Ashish became very famous and worked in some very good films. He even got a National Award in 1995. Indira Krishnan is portraying the character of Yashoda. She is a very influential personality in the series. Iqbal Khan as Shankar, Yuvraj Malhotra as Shaurya, Shilpa Shinde as Gayatri, Rucha Gujrati as Simran, Bhawna Roy as Meenal, Khushboo Purohit as Swati, Kiran Kumar as Ganesh Shetty and a lot more.

The serial didn’t last that long but the characters got the opportunity in television and film industry.