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Vishnupuran is an Indian television soap opera based on the mythological scripture of the Hindu religion with the same name. The direction of this series had been looked after by ' Baldev Raj Chopra Baldev Chopra had faced a lot of problems in his e >> Read More... Baldev Raj Chopra '. It was aired for the first time in the year 2003. One of the major elements of this television series is that the story talks mainly talks about the ten different incarnations of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu.

The main character in this series, which is of Lord Vishnu, is enacted by ‘ Nitish Bharadwaj Nitish Bharadwaj is an accomplished Indian actor, >> Read More... Nitish Bharadwaj ’, and the role of Goddess Lakshmi is enacted by ‘ Vaidehi Click to look into! >> Read More... Vaidehi ’. Nitish had played the role of Lord Vishnu in other serials as well.

The ten forms or incarnations of Vishnu are Kalki Avatara, Rama Avatara, Parashurama Avatar, Narasimha Avatara, Kurma Avatara, Vamana Avatar, Buddha Avatar, Varaha Avatar, Krishna Avatara, and his very first form is called Matsya Avatara. A total number of one hundred and twenty-four episodes were produced for this show, and all the episodes focused on the stories that were the circumference of Vishnu’s each Avatar.

The telecasting began with the story of Dhruva. This was followed by the first incarnation of Vishnu as Matsya and the theft of the religious Vedas. After this, came the churning of the ocean with the Kurma Avatara of Vishnu, which was followed by the trial of faith of Prahlad and the appearance of Vishnu in the form of Narsimha. At this point, about fifty episodes were completed, and this marked the beginning of the story of Parashurama and the Kshatriyas. After this, the legendary tale of Ramayana was depicted and more light was shed on Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Rama and the defeat of Ravana.

The entire Ramayana took more than fifty episodes alone, and was the highlight of the entire series, and then came the most famous and preached form of Lord Vishnu in his avatar of Krishna. The depiction of Krishna as an avatar of Lord Krishna marked the last episodes of this television series. After the one hundred and twenty-fourth episode, the series ended with an excerpt of Krishna and Arjuna’s scenes in the battle of Mahabharata.

A couple of characters who present in the series were Sita, whose role was enacted by ‘ Reena Kapoor Reena Kapoor is best known for her early appearanc >> Read More... Reena Kapoor ’. ‘ Siraj Mustafa Khan Siraj is a well-known face in the Indian Televisio >> Read More... Siraj Mustafa Khan ’ played the famous role of Mahabali. Bhakti Prahlad’s role was played by the famous child artist ‘ Kinshuk Vaidya Kinshuk Vaidya, is an Indian TV actor best known f >> Read More... Kinshuk Vaidya ’. ‘ Samar Jai Singh Samar was born on September 26, 1966 in Indore, Ma >> Read More... Samar Jai Singh ’ played the role of Shiva, and ' Sandeep Mohan Actor bio coming soon >> Read More... Sandeep Mohan ' played the character of Indra, among many others.