Hindi Tv Serial Virasaat


Virasaat is a Hindi fiction television show that aired on Sahara One in 2002. The series broadcasts every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm. The series shows common themes of interest, joy, jealousies, feuds, and petty quarrels, unlike various Indian soap operas. It now airs on the popular channel Ariana Television in Kabul and Afghanistan. The story portrays the lives of Sahani family members and captures the ups and downs of the six Sahni siblings which comprises of four brothers and two sisters. However, the story mainly highlights the emotional bonding between the stepson, Manav, played by Vaquar Shaikh Vaquar Shaikh is a talented actor who has worked i >> Read More... Vaquar Shaikh and his stepmother, Jayashree, played by Suhasini Mulay Suhasini Mulay is popular for Marathi films and m >> Read More... Suhasini Mulay . Balram and Jayashree Sahani have three sons, two daughters and a fourth son Manav from Balram Sahani’s first wife.

They all make a sweet, joyous, and happy family. But things start to get sour when the kids grow up. The reason for the dispute is the flourishing textiles and construction business owned by Balram Sahani. When Balram dies, Manav takes up his father’s position in the profession. But being innocent, he is soon cheated on by a maternal uncle. The family cannot take the blow and has to move out of their palatial bungalow into a small house. The trials & tribulations for Sahani family begin after the death of the head of the family, Mr. Balram Sahani. This is when the entire family is thrown out of their house by their uncle, Omkar who cheats on them to obtain their property and assets.

However, Mrs. Sahani tries to fight back and stands up with her family against him. But her sons withdraw to help her and joins their uncle's misdeed. This is when her stepson, Manav comes into the picture and takes up the responsibility to support and help his stepmother, and they mutually decide to start their new life from scratch. From there, onwards starts the re-beginning process. But, it is too late for the daily soap. By this time it got tangled in too many side stories — a disable son, another son who gets married to a greedy wife and a daughter who is hopelessly in love. This got the audiences confused, and the TRP of the show went significantly down.