Hindi Tv Serial Vijay - Desh Ki Aankhen

Vijay - Desh Ki Aankhen Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv

Vijay - Desh Ki Aankhen started airing on NDTV imagine on June 26, 2008. This show had an army theme in which good fought against evil. It was an action as well as adventure series. This serial was full of patriotic spirit. The story of this serial revolved around an agency named “Vijay” which worked for the Indian government. Ex-army man Colonel Ranjit Singh is the head of the agency, there are six officers who were working under Colonel Ranjit Singh.

The officer's names are Kartar Singh, Ajay, Vishal, Nikhil Karan and Sanjay. In this, the villain’s name was Irfan Hussein who was also an ex-army man and Colonel Ranjit Singh’s colleague. Due to his greed for money, Irfan Hussein had turned into an anti- national element. So, Colonel Ranjit Singh had to face terrorist's time to time to solve nation threatening cases. Colonel Ranjit Singh’s role was played by Pankaj Kalra, Kartar Singh’s role was played by Sarvendra Singh, Ajay’s role was played by Sagar Saini, Vishal’s role was played by Vijay Badlani, Nikhil’s role was played by Zeyaul Haque, Karan’s role was played by Kunal Bakshi, and Sanjay’s role was played by Chandan Madan. This show was presented by Sagar Productions and was very different from its other shows.