Hindi Tv Serial Vicky & Vetaal

Vicky & Vetaal Hindi TV SERIALS on DISNEY TV

“Vicky & Vetaal” was featured on Disney Channel India, which was previously called as Jetix. “Vicky & Vetaal” is a comedy series for children. It was launched in October, 2006.It was the first original production of the Network. The series was telecasted in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. The show was based on the legend - “Baital Pachisi,” a tale of a ghost and the King Vikramaditya. Baital, the ghost agrees to accompany the King on a condition. The ghost narrates a story and poses a question regarding it. If the King fails to answer correctly, his head would be broken into pieces and if he uttered a single word, the ghost would fly away.

The ghost keeps on narrating stories and directs questions, the King keeps on answering the questions. As per the condition, the ghost flies away. In the series, “Vicky & Vetaal,” Vetaal is a friendly and foolish ghost that loves to drink milk instead of blood, gets released by Vicky, an intelligent boy of sixth standard, on an occasion and since then, Vicky and Vetaal are destined to live together along with Vetaal’s friend, Paddu, an ancient magic book. The series, mostly revolves around the mishaps of Vicky and Vetaal. Every time Vicky faces any trouble, Vetaal tends to help him with his magical powers but ends up making it messier than before.

The foolish and funny deeds of Vicky, Vetaal, and Paddu generate humor. The show telecasted two seasons. In the first episode of season one, Vicky challenges his school bully, Sid, to go to a graveyard and touch the Peepal tree. Vicky had to go first. Since he was the one who set up everything in the graveyard, he was courageous enough to go and touch the tree. But as and when he touches the tree, everything ends there and it seems as if it was a nightmare. But it is not! Instead, Vetaal and Paddu, appears in Vicky’s home.

Their journey begins from then on. Vishal Malhotra was seen as Vetaal and Vicky was played by Dev Kantawala. The show was very popular among the 90s kids since it takes through a magical journey and fantasy. The season two of the series was equally appealing. The second season starts with a family of five, which moves into the house, where Vetaal and Paddu resided for over 30 years. In the family, Vicky and his grandmother will be able to see Vetaal and Paddu. The comic sequences between them were hilarious and entertaining. It was the most loved TV series.