Hindi Tv Serial Uncensored

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Uncensored! The name itself was interesting enough to pull the viewers towards it and icing on the cake was the supremely talented actress who hosted this show, the laughter queen of Indian Television, Archana Puran Singh. This TV show was one of its kind at the time it was telecasted, i.e., in the year 1998. It was aired on Sony Entertainment television every Saturday at 9.00 p.m. Archana had earlier hosted the show Kya Scene Hai also for the channel Zee TV in the year 1993 which was a magazine based show about the Bollywood and its actors. The question arises that what was the concept of this highly successful show which made it stand out from the rest of Bollywood based shows. Well in this show there was no element of gossip! It seems surprising that without gossip mag, how such a show could be so successful. The entire credit of its success would definitely go to Singh whose sheer screen presence, word play and sense of humor made it what it could never have been without her.

Reportedly, when she was first approached to host, she was herself surprised that how could this show ever be successful. She thought that it could not run for more than three-four episodes as the presented concept was to show how the film stars were in their real lives and what their lifestyles and styles were like. In an interview about the show, she had said that the our film have some qualities other than acting which people do not want to know because they do not have gossip element. So she took the responsibility to make this show a huge hit by make it more about her rather than the stars and it clicked immediately with the audiences.