Hindi Tv Serial TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers  Hindi TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel

TVF Pitchers is a comedy drama. However, this show was telecasted on the internet. Arunabh Kumar and Biswapati Sarkar are the writers of the web series. Arunabh Kumar is also the creator of the serial. Besides creating and writing, Arunabh also acted in it. Amit Golani, is the director. Vaibhav Bundhoo is the music composer and the cinematographer of the program, while Prashant Machhar is the editor. The Viral Fever Media Labs is the production company that backed the show. The Viral Fever was the official distributor. It revolves around four friends whose names are Naveen Bansal, Yogendra Kumar, Saurabh Mandal, and Jitendra Maheshwari.

Saurabh Mandal is an IIM graduate, and he and Naveen stays together. Naveen is working in a company. However, he is frustrated with his job as he doesn't get a proper project to complete. These insinuates him, and in an inebriated state, Naveen gives his resignation to his boss. Within days, he receives another offer to work in a company, for which he has to shift to Beijing, China. He accepts the offer. However, at the airport, he realizes that his heart is not into this job and hence he returns home. Later, audience comes to know that Naveen, Jitendra, and Yogendra wants to start their own business.

Saurabh convinceshis three friends to let him be the part of their venture. They agree and send their idea to the NASSCOM. After returning from the airport, he learns that NASSCOM liked his idea and called him to attend their start-up meeting. This news encourages all of them, and few incidents later, all the four friends decide to open their very own company. It then traces the struggle, all of them ensues to convince their family and investors to invest in their business. Naveen Kasturia, Jitendra Kumar, Arunabh Kumar, and Abhay Mahajan essayed the characters of Naveen Bansal, Jitendra Maheshwari, Yogendra Kumar, and Saurabh Mandal respectively.

The show enjoyed immense popularity with the first episode clocking more than four million views. Critics also appreciated the program. When the trailer was released, people assumed that the series would be similar to the American-originated TV show Sitcom. However, all the assumptions were proved wrong. The first episode was made available to public on June 5, 2015. It released on TVFPlay, which is TVF's very own content site. It was accessible on YouTube, a familiar video hosting service, seven days after it was colorcast on TVFPlay. The series consisted of five chapters. The final act was aired on August 30, 2015.