Hindi Tv Serial Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne

Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne Hindi tv-serials on SONY Pal

If somebody gets anybody’s company, it becomes a very beautiful moment which makes a person learn to live, and if we talk about family regarding company then what to say, it is like cherry on the cake. This story is also upon a lovely family where all the family members love each other. There was the Singhania family who lives for each other. It was the family of love. Mr.Rohit Singhania and his two children, Raghav and Somya live together. They have no mother; but they stay in a joint family along with their grandparents, chacha and chachi. Their family was one full of joy and innocence, etc. All of them took care of each other always and helped each other in face of all difficulties.

They understand the importance of each other. Raghav and Soumya, though both different in nature, try to solve all their family problems together. The turning point in the story was that when a girl with torn clothes running on the road, tries to get rid ofsome people behind her. She wanted to hide from them which is why she enters Singhania house. Raghav sees the girl and goes to ask the problem, when she suddenly hugs him, and said, ”My name is Reena and I was running for 3 hours to hide myself, please help me.” Raghav hides Reena in his home and immediately calls Somya and tells the whole story.

Somya and Raghav decide to keep Reena in their home but hide her from the family they spent much time with Reena now, she tells the whole history to them. Her family had left her incriminating, calling her a characterless girl, there was some misunderstanding, which wasn’t true, she was a very good girl by character, behavior and was very mild….she told that a bastard person hoaxes her. While listening to the whole story, Raghav and Somya were puzzled. But still, they give support to Reena. One day, everybody came to know the whole story, but no one was ready to give her permission to live in their house.

They told her to return to where she came from, but Somya and Raghav do not want to see her go. Raghav started liking her, that’s why he helped her.. He asks her to live in his friend’s house whose name was Rishika. Reena started living with that girl. Raghav and Reena were getting close to each other, after sometime they realize their love for each other. When Raghav told his family about his love for Reena,his whole family was against him, because they didn’t want Reena as their daughter-in-law. But after many controversies, finally the whole family accepts Raghav and Reena’s love and finally they get married. The whole Singhania family is happy once again.

Reena also started forgetting her past grief, but she still remembered her parents, and sometimes cried for them. Raghav decided to take Reena to her parents. Reena was also ready to meet with her parents but she was afraid because she didn’t know if they’d accept her or not. When they both went to meet Reena’s family, she saw her picture hanging on a wall with a garland of flowers. She was stunned, the scene was unbelievable for her she sobbed too much and ran away. Raghav also saw the whole thing and got annoyed, but he took Reena wipe her tears, hugged her and went back home. Raghav told his parents about the entire incident and they promised to talk to her parents. They went to talk to Reena’s parents with Reena but her parents refused to accept her back.