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The story is about a girl who belongs from a small village Amrai in Uttar Pradesh. The state Uttar Pradesh is counted in the list of the largest integrity of India. It is rich in it's dignified and pleasing culture and values. These all are the only ingredients which are required for the base of any civilisation. This state has provided a unique individuality to every citizen and the society. However, if illiteracy surrounds a rich civilisation and the values get converted into conservative and traditional thinking and culture, then the values that were made to develop the society and standard of people will start harming the new generation. And then it forces the individual to stand boldly and reject the changes that are like hurdles for them in the path of their dreams.

This is the kind of the story of the serial “Tulsi More Angna.” It depicts the life story of Tulsi, belonging from a small village Amrai, who is not so literate but highly inspired and motivated. She succeeds in all the challenges that life shows her through her willpower, strength, courage, determination and hard work. She is popular in the whole village because of her pranks and laughter that she plays with everyone in the neighbourhood. She also involves all the kids living nearby to accompany her in the pranks. She has a friendly nature with all the villagers. Tulsi’s father Kedar Singh is a respected farmer and has a good reputation in the village. He owns a 10 Bigha Zameen.

Tulsi’s mother Ganga Devi is a housewife and believes in all the religious activities. She also has a brother Shekhar who works as an LIC agent. He is very hard working in his job. But he gives all his income to his wife, Kanchan. She comes from a rich family and has brought huge capital in her dowry. Due to this, she controls the entire house, even Kedar Singh and Ganga Devi. Kedar Singh had promised his friend Ram Subhag that they would get their children married to each other. Both agreed on this decision. Tulsi was then married to Vinay, son of Ram Subhag.

In the earlier days of their marriage, Vinay and Tulsi faced some differences and problems as Tulsi was not mentally prepared for the marriage. Gradually, their differences ended with the passage of time and Tulsi conceives a baby. However, Vinay dies in an accident, and Tulsi was left alone to take care of her child. To gain the livelihood, she started selling vegetables. Initially, she was opposed by many, but she was determined in her decision. She started her own business and got success after success. In this manner, she became an inspiration for the whole women community by motivating them to fight against the cruel society. This serial has shown us the transformation of a poor village girl to a successful business person.