Hindi Tv Serial Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan

Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Tujhpe dil Qurbaan (an expression which means you mean a great deal to me and I can do anything for you) ,a serial set against the Indian Army backdrop was telecasted on Sony Entertainment Television during 1995-1996. During this period, a total of 32 episodes were aired each of duration 22 minutes.

This TV series was produced by Aavishkaar Movietone and directed by Sunjiv Puri. The lead cast of the serial included actors Parmeet Sethi, Arun Gohil, Rohit Roy, Deepak Prashar and Benjamin Gilani acting as army men. This serial was a saga of the events in the lives of officers and the men in Indian army. With the exceptional background of the Indian armed forces and the drama in their personal lives, it was a gripping script. It was a story of love, affection, sacrifice, gloom and courage, not only a story of army men, but their loves, their wives, their children and their personal lives. Based on several recorded incidents of the men of the Indian Army, the story touched deeply. The central character was Mr. Virkam Ali, an intelligent officer on training. The story narrated about training in the army and life on the boundary. It depicted how these strong men are very strong yet emotional at heart when it came to managing their personal lives and how it is vital to keep the will strong to keep the body working. The show was a perfect blend of action and emotion. It showed that even in the times of peace, the army men are always on their toes for the safety of their country and countrymen.

Apart from entertaining the audiences, the serial aimed to enhance the youth to look at Indian Army as aviable career for life.

The serial also spread the message to erase terrorism from its face which is a burning topic of today and was so even at that time. It impressed upon the youth to pick up the gun for a worthy cause as the honor of the country instead of being underworld hit men.