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Tu Naseeb Hai Kisi Aur Ka (you are someone else’s destiny) was a very hit weekly serial of TV channel Sony Entertainment Channel which used to be telecast every Tuesday at 830 p.m. in the 90’s era. It had a very successful run of one year. The serial was based on a very engrossing theme that what one would do when one has to lose one’s dear ones not because of unfavorable situations but due to one’s own righteousness.

The TV serial revolved around the life of Syed family which was headed by a woman who was a staunch believer in her cultural values. She lived in Dubai with her son Zafar married to Bano, and her granddaughter Lubna.

The old lady (the head of the Syed family) also had two daughters. The elder daughter, Afroz, was a divorcee and also lived in Dubai with a son, Faisal. Faisal was engaged to Lubna. The younger one and her husband died in a brutal car accident. Their one and only daughter Sana lived in Mumbai with an uncle who misbehaved with her due to which she was in a very pitiful condition there. Seeing this, the family brought her to Dubai.

Sana, fate’s poor, troubled girl, had suffered, alone and discarded for such a long time that she was doubtful about every little joy that approached her. But Faisal reached out to her and tried to be friends with her. His fiancée, Lubna, was looking forward to their marriage. But destiny had different ideas. Seeing Sana’s condition, Faisal began to grow a soft corner for her in his heart which shattered her fiancé, i.e., Lubna’s dreams. But finally Lubna understood Faisal’s love for Sana and accepted the fact due to her own goodness and everybody’s happiness.

Set in the beautiful country of Dubai, the series showcased the life and relations in a Muslim family. The performances were brilliant and believable and a gripping story kept viewers engrossed and made them switch to their TVs every week, to know where the events of the enthralling plot took the ill-fated Syed family. The serial was a blend of emotions, suspense and drama.


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