Hindi Tv Serial Tu Kahe Agar

Tu Kahe Agar Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
On 1st April 2002 the new Indian Drama, Tu Kahe Agar was launched on Zee TV. Directed by Panjabi Imitaz and produced by Kohli Benaifer and Sanjay Kohli from the Edit II Productions made from this Indian drama the most appreciated series in the year of 2002. All the appreciations came after the great performance of the cast Rohit Bakshi, Nigam Shraddha, Malik Vinita, Pankit Thakker, Malavika Shipvuri and Prachi Thakker. The famous song Tu Kahe Agar is played as the opening theme for the TV series.

The series from Zee TV is based from a story that the astrology predicts our life and can affect our human life. A couple are about to marry and the astrologist, Vishal predicts that the man will die after 6 months from the wedding date. When the girl’s family heard about this tragically prediction decided to call off the weeding of their daughter. Trisha a colleague of Vishal decided to marry the man to prove that the astrology cannot dictate the life. This curse of man doesn’t mean anything for her since she has cancer in terminal status. Soon Triha and the man fall in love with each other. This drama made audience to ask for a 2nd season and Sony Entertainment Television starts to shoot for a new season and it should start in June or July.