Hindi Tv Serial Trideviyaan

Trideviyaan Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV

'Trideviyaan' is a comedy, drama and thriller based Indian TV serial premiered on 15th November 2016 on Sab TV. It is produced by Amir Jaffar and Sonali Jaffar under Full House Media Production. Cast: Aishwarya Sakhuja-Housewife/Secret agent, Samaira Rao-housewife/secret agent, Shalini Sahota-Bachelor/secret agent, Winy Tripathi-Crime news reporter, Anshul Trivedi-Police inspector, Rituraj Singh-secret agent, Ranjeet-gamosa It is a story of 'secret agents' who live with their families but also work as agents against any delinquency and story moves around two Daughter-in-laws (Bahu's) i.e. Dhanshree(Dhanu) and Tanushree(Tanu) with their sister-in-law ManyaDinanath Chauhan.

The story starts from marriage of Dinanath Chauhan's younger son Garv Chauhan, who is going to marry with Tanushree. On their wedding day, Tanu’s mother gets to that her daughterdoesn’t want to marry to Garv as she wants to work as Agent Hawa Mahal. And then she gets to know that her father-in-law (Dinanath Chauhan) knows everything about her profession and he says that she would continue in her profession and tells her about himself that he is also a secret agent 'Agent Himalaya'. This thing surprised her and she merrily decides to marry to Garv. After marriage, she wants to know the other agent in the family. She thinks that her brother-in-law, Shaurya is also a secret agent. When Dhanshree fulfils the formalities of marriage suddenly a group of thieves attacked on the whole family and took them to ulterior place.

While fighting with thieves, Tanu gets to know that the next agent is Dhanu with whom she would work together. And Dhanu is named as 'Agent Laal Qila' Then the whole family is able to getaway from that place. Garv and Tanu want to spent their wedding night together but his father-in-law calls her to his secret lab and shows her various gadgets and gave her a microphone through which they can contact to each other. The whole family is not aware that Dhanu, Tanu and Dinanath are working together as secret agents but their sister-in-law has little doubt that something wrong is going on.And then Manya comes to know about three of them.

She wishes to work with them as a secret agent named 'QutubMinar'. Their boss (Agent Himalayas) allows her to work as secret agent and then three of them is known as 'Trideviyaan'. Trideviyaan's main fight is against the Gamosa. And they have their own power to fight against him like Agent Hawa Mahal has fastest speed . Agent Laal Qila has muscular power. Agent QutubMinar has power of voice. They all are fierce. Whenever they get to know that something wrong is going to happen they fight against them formidably.