Hindi Tv Serial Tota Weds Maina

Tota Weds Maina Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Tota Weds Maina is an Indian TV serial broadcasted o SAB TV. The leading roles in this serial are played by Gaurav Gera and Kavita Kaushik.

In this serial these are in the role of a couple who got married by mistake and whole show is centred on them. There is wide fan following of this show as the couple entertains the audience but they can’t get the desired ratings and TRP so the production team decided to end the show after a few episodes.

The serial starts with a cartoon like young man, a dog and a tennis ball. After 2 Minutes the man becomes dirty, scratched from everywhere and stained, his clothes are torn and he wears an idiotic look.

Perhaps Kavita Kaushik will present some redemption in this one, but we do not hope too hard. Show stars Gaurav Gera and Kavita Kaushik in lead roles. The Show didn’t get Much TRP and axed within 3 months of starting in January. Show stars Gaurav Gera and Kavita Kaushik in lead roles. In this serial Gaurav Gera in the role of Totaram Tiwari, Kavita Kaushik in the role of Maina Shukla, Atul Srivastava in the role og Tota's Fatherwhile Tota's Mother role is played by Samta Sagar, Surbhi Tiwari in the role of Pushpa.