Hindi TV Serials Titliyan

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Actress Cast

Titliyan was another of the channel Sahara One’s out of the box show that instantly stroke a chord with the viewers. The reason behind its popularity with the people might be the freshness in its concept and also the fresh new faces it brought to the screen. The serial premiered on 4th of February and was aired every week on Monday at 8.30 p.m. Most of the serials at that time were regular family dramas but in this show the concept was to describe all of the life situations, good or bad from a teenager’s view point. The fresh new faces who were cast in the serial to play teenagers were Rohit Bakshi and Shweta Shinde, for both of whom, this was the first serial of their career and it was revealed in an interview that both landed in the respective roles just by chance! Shweta and Rohit played college going teenagers in this show and their point of view and way of analyzing the situation were very different from the typical orthodox ways of their elders. This difference of opinion created intriguing clashes between them and their families at many point in the serial. How both of them used to deal with such situations was the interest of the story. The witty dialogue and fascinating screenplay kept the viewers glued their seats during the run of the serial.


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