Hindi Tv Serial Thodi Si Bewafai

Thodi Si Bewafai Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Thodi Si Bewafai is a sensitive serial broadcasted on Tuesdays at 9.00p.m in SONY TV. This is a Story of a happy family and their strains in their happiness. Neha and vikram living with their parents happily on their house. Vikram was a Gynecologist and Neha is house wife. Neha discovers that she is an impotent. She can’t be able to give a child. Though Vikram is Gynecologist, he can’t do anything about her impotency. Parent’s desire for heir and the proposal made by vikram are two important events in the Neha’s life. This thing breaks the happiness in that family. How important is the need for one’s own Blood?. This was the question rise in our mind while watching this serial. Modi films enterprises produced and Rajesh Rana sing he directed this serial for SONY TV. Alok Nath, Beena, S.M.Zaheer, Sooraj Thapar played the main roles in this serial. This Show runs 22 minutes and covered 32 episodes.”It was for the first time a serial had the technical zoom on the characters to reinforce the effect”- This was the statement of the director about this serial in an interview.