Hindi Tv Serial Thodi Khushi Thode Gham

Thodi Khushi Thode Gham or TKTG for short was an Indian TV serial based on the arguments of two opposite genders. The story line was mainly focused on a patriarch named Mansuklal Shah and his daughter-in-law Sneha. Mansuklal Shah always considered him superior to the opposite gender. The show was completely unique and the moral of the show was to make people understand about the requirement of every gender in the society. The show had a good trending on the TRP market. Mansuklal Shah was an industrialist. He had a joint family which consisted 9 members altogether. He had his mother, wife, four sons and two daughters-in-law in his large family. Among the four sons, three of them helped Mansuklal in terms of business and the other son was still studying. He was a very successful man and he considered that the male members of the family were solely responsible for his success and ignored the contribution of the female members. The show was about the strong will Mansuklal had but Sneha was no less in terms of the will and she had taken it as a challenge to prove that the female members were no less.

In the story, Sneha was married to Pranav. The name of Mansuklal’s wife was Daya. Rest of Mansuklal’s son was named Amar, Manoj and Karan. Amar was married to Jyoti and Manoj was married to Bhavna. When Sneha entered the house as Pranav’s wife her female compatriots asked her to show Mansuklal that women were also needed in a family and Sneha told them that she would make him realise.

When Mansuklal wrote his autobiography he mentioned the male members of the family only and ignored the importance of female members. When Sneha asked him about it,he told her that she must make him realise the importance of women. Sneha said women were needed just like men. Mansuklal didn’t agree and hence challenged Sneha to prove what she was saying about the female members of the family. Sneha accepted the challenge and asked her female compatriots to help her in the challenge. Thus the house got divided between men and women. Then many sub-plots happened in the series such as Sneha and her female compatriots trying heart and soul to make men’s realise the importance of female. The sub-plots indicated towards the main plot which was to make Mansuklal understand. Finally, Sneha managed to win the challenge and she made her father-in-law Mansuklal realise the importance of women in a family. Thus this different and unique serial ended with its motive fully completed. The serial was for the distraught male members who considered themselves superior to women. Their superstitions were broken by the serial which proved nobody is less valuable.

Deepa Parab played her role as Sneha, Amit Jain as Pranav, Arvind Rathod as Mansuklal, Zankana Sheth as Daya, Ali Raza Namdar as Amar, Sejal Shah as Jyoti, Kapil Soni as Manoj and Pranoti Pradhan as Bhavna.

The show was premiered on 24 April 2006, and it ended after completing 140 successful episodes. The series ended on 6 December 2007. The show was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television.