Hindi Tv Serial The Good Home Show

This is a show which deals with various elements that go into making a perfect house! Hosted by Kamiya and Anu Ahuja, it covers various aspects like interior designing, different cuisines, creative cooking and innovative tips to make a better household. It deals with variety of elements that go into making a perfect house! These show pointers on how to arrange the house, household items and very innovative recipes from around the world. The show telecast on Sony Entertainment television.

If you are looking to set up new house, this could the right place to ignite your ideas. It talks about re-using old furniture for a new look, space constraints and how to effectively use them and also gives tips on what furniture lasts more and what does not. The shows contain a section of quick recipes and useful tips in household which are quite useful in daily life. The show is a must watch for all women. Especially if you are setting up a new house or want a new look for your house. You can be able to know how to arrange our furniture to use the space more economically, different ways of using Dari carpets around the house and many more .This unique home decor show was a benchmark for home improvement shows. With ideas on interiors and exteriors, profiles on celebrity homes, sourcing ideas and of course planning budget homes. Produced by Multimedia Communications Ltd and director by Sanjay Virmani and Rashmi Virmani, this show is a perfect match for those who want to set up new house or want a new look for their house.