Hindi Tv Serial The Command Force Fights Back

The Command Force Fights Back Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

The Command Force The Command Force is a Tamil-dubbed crime thriller >> Read More... is a television series that is telecast on Doordarshan and focuses on a group of detectives trying to solve crimes and investigate complicated cases. It is directed by Sabir Mustaffa and written by Akashaditya Lama Akashaditya Lama is an exceptional and one of the >> Read More... and Bobby Khan Bobby Khan is an Indian film dialogue writer turne >> Read More... . It includes an excellent cast of veteran television actors such as Mehul Buch Mehul Buch is a television actor who has been seen >> Read More... who plays the lead role of Chief and Shipra Jain Khanna and Kapil Soni Kapil Soni is an Indian model and a Television act >> Read More... who play the characters of Priyanka and Vikrant respectively. The supporting cast of Kunal Madhiwalla and Suryavanshi Ajay are also very talented.

Each episode runs at a time of 60 minutes each and deals with a new crime and story every week. This thrilling show is based in Mumbai and deals with all kinds of crimes and police procedures that take place in India including some unusual ones. The team with unique skills investigates gruesome murders, thefts and kidnappings. These are the best team of detectives around who leave no stone unturned to bring these perpetrators to justice. With the assistance of medical experts, they try to solve some of the most high-profile cases ever committed. They also look into old cases that have been left unsolved for years.

The content is thrilling and in the end, the Command Force saves the day. From reporting of the crime to the inspection of the crime scene, the entire process can be viewed. Even the tiniest of the clue is of great importance to the investigators. Every criminal is bound to leave behind some form of a clue whether it is a fingerprint, shoe print or a DNA. The Command Force always makes sure that they arrest the suspect through some serious research and investigating. The medical professionals also assist them through analysis of DNA or a fingerprint or the process of post-mortem of a dead body. Dental record, a strand of hair; the smallest of the details will be kept in consideration.

Each episode brings before us a fresh story. It keeps the viewer hooked for the entirety of the show. Like some detective shows on Indian television, The Command Force aims to make people aware of the crimes taking place in the society. It wants the people to stand up for themselves and not be afraid of speaking out for themselves. Restoring faith in the justice system is also another goal that the show wants to fulfil.

Cast: Mehul Buch, Shipra Jain Khanna, Kapil Soni, Vijender Kumeria, Kunal Madhiwalla, Suryavanshi Ajay.