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The story has been the Hindi adaptation of the English series of Blackie and Blondie Production Unit and Warner Bros. Television Distribution called ‘The Middle.’ The Hindi version is produced and created by Mautik Tulip of Bodhi Tree Productions. This comedy genre is directed by Neelesh Ambedkar.

The Reliance Broadcasting Network India Limited has acquired the rights of reproduction of the event. This has been an Indian sitcom about a middle class and working family living in the rural region in India. The scene revolves around the clan of Vivek Khurana. Iqbal Azad The experienced actor Iqbal Azad is native to the >> Read More... has been playing the character of Vivek. He has been married to Anjali Khurana and has two sons and a daughter. Ami Tivedi has taken the cast as the wife of Iqbal. Sushant Mohindru has set to take the lead as the eldest son of Vivek Khurana by the name Shanky Khurana.The Petite Princess of 2009, Saloni Daini has decided to play the character of the only daughter of Vivek by the tag Suhani Khurana. Dharmik Khurana is acting as Veer Khurana, the cute little son of Vivek Khurana.

The entire household has been finding a great difficulty in striking a balance between their dailyworks, house choirs, and raising their kids. Anjali has been working as an under-performing sales assistant at a second hand car dealer. Later, she has resigned her work and joined as an assistant to a dentist in the city. Her husband, Vivek has been stabilizing the financial needs of the family with his meagre income from managing a local quarry. Vivek has always been questioned by Anjali as he was not affectionate towards the family and inclined towards his profession. Their eldest son was very famous and has been known among his peers for his excellence in sports. This teenager was however a weak profile in academics. He lacked confidence as well the spirit required in studies. He was sceptical.

Their youngest son was an introvert but he was intelligent that is marked by the perfection in the activities he had carried. He had odd characteristics that have been exhibited by the behaviour he has shown towards others. Their daughter has been socially detached from others. Though she was enthusiastic, she was unsuccessful in all her endeavours. Thus, there was a mix of traits in the group. The theme has been all about how they were managing the problems of their life in a brilliant manner.