Hindi Tv Serial Task Force Khatarnak Khalnayak

Task Force Khatarnak Khalnayak Hindi TV SHOWS on Star Utsav

Task Force Khatarnak Khalnayak is a Hindi TV Serial telecast on Star Utsav. The show started in Star Utsav first on July 3rd at 5:00 PM. The story is a crime thriller where a bunch of passionate policemen who call themselves Supercops fight against evil and crime gangs. The show’s producers are Brijendra Pal Singh and Pradeep Uppoor under the banner of Firework Productions. The TV show was previously aired in Life Ok channel under the title “Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath” which eventually changed to Supercops vs. Supervillains.

The current season telecast in Life Ok is the seventh one. The characters who play the roles of the police team primarily are Shakti Anand - Commander Jagatveer Rana, Ashok Samarth - ACP Gajanan Mazgaonkar and Aman Verma - ACP Diler. The rest of the supercops who appear in the show are Raja Touqeer as Virat, Amit Pachuri as Ranveer, Manit Joura as Jayawant Rane, Pankaj B Singh as Mayank Desai, Nitin Chauhan as Jogi Sikander and female actress Gurpreet Bedi as Hetonita. Smriti Khanna plays the role of Nisha, Aamir Dalvi as Kavi and Aham Sharma. All the supercops relentlessly fight against dangerous criminals even when their own lives are at stake. Be it a super chor or a troublesome cat woman, a murderer from outer space or a grotesque lizard man, a snake charmer or a smoke man, the supercops know how to end their menace.

The episode of the Lizard Man was all about how the wife of Lizard Man gave birth to a boy and how his terrorizing actions were put to an end by the supercops. The show has elements of the supernatural which make the show even more intriguing, different, and gripping. The story is established in Mumbai and the supercops use cutting edge technology to catch the criminals which build a sense of scientific fiction blended with the supernatural elements of the show.

One of the episodes that emphasize the supernatural dimension is the one in which Hemant is trying to be vindictive by making wrong use of his powers. He uses light to destroy and burn the city. The supercops, the eternal winners take control of the situation and save the city from Hemant’s bad deeds. With the immaculate fusion of adventure, justice, science, supernatural, this larger-than-life story has garnered a lot of fandom and is continuing to attract more viewers with its successful telecast of the seventh season.