Hindi Tv Serial Tarang

Tarang Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Tarang is information and entertainment based show in Hindi that was aired on the channel, Doordarshan. Doordarshan is an autonomous service provider owned by the Broadcasting Ministry of India. It is one of the earliest cable channels to be launched in India. The show, Tarang dates back to the 1990s even before. It started telecasting on television more than a century ago. The show was aired in the morning on every Sunday. It aired for around 2 to 3 hours at a stretch. The show continued to air for as longs as 25 years together and gave thousands of episodes.

It has been one of the highest running shows in the history of television. The show still evokes so many memories of the people who were born during those years. Tarang is an entertainment and knowledge based show for kids and young children. The show was a compilation of different mini shows which included cartoons, knowledge based shows, stories, scientific experiments, etc. Tarang was a package of many fun and informative shows for kids spanning for 2 to 3 hours straight. The show was an endeavor by CIET under NCERT to impart knowledge and educational technology information to young kids with a dose of fun in it.

The show consisted of a cartoon show, a puppet show where puppet dolls were manipulated by puppet artists and used to tell a story in the background, and a Ted talk show where a few teddy bears were animated to move, and their voice was dubbed by artistes in the background. The show also had short stories which had a moral at the end of it. The most interesting part of the show was the science section. In this section, science experiments were shown which could be done using common things available at every home. This section also showed how to make toys from trash and useless things available at home.

This section of the show was conducted and taught by Arvind Gupta who taught us the art of learning through practical experiments. Arvind Gupta has been acclaimed worldwide and also presented with many awards for his numerous innovations including teaching science with basic home experiments. He has created more than 125 different programs for the show in its tenure of 25 years which has reached out to remote villages and taught many kids atleast a thing or two about science like creating a homemade motor. These shows compiled provided the young minds with a lot of new ideas and techniques which helped them try new things at home and get a better knowledge