Hindi Tv Serial Tara

Tara Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Tara was an Indian soap opera that was aired on Zee TV. The genre adopted by this series was drama. This series ran from the year 1993 until the year 1997. Raman Kumar produced as well as directed this soap opera. Tracinema Media Entertainment created this series. The show was written by two writers, Vinta Nanda, and Varun Gautam.

The story of this show revolved around the lead character, Tara. The plot dealt with her joys as well as sorrows along with her trials. The character of ‘Tara’ was played by the famous actress of Hindi film industry, Navneet Nishan. The story did not showcase Tara’s life and her ordeals alone. It also captured the lives of Tara’s three best friends. One of her friends was Kanchan; this role was played by the highly acclaimed actress Ratna Pathak Shah.

The other friend was Arzoo whose role was played by Neha Sharad. The third friend’s name was Sheena; this role was played by Amita Nangia. This series holds the pride of being the first TV drama series in Hindi, which went on for around five years. Each episode of the series ran for around 23 minutes.

Other actors who were seen in this series were Alok Nath, Deven Bhojani, Ram Mohan, Shefali Shetty and Harsh Chhaya. This show was the first ever show to be based on contemporary urban women and was highly praised for that. This show also popularized the concept of ‘hook point’ in TV.