Hindi Tv Serial Tanhai

Tanhai  Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Tanhai belonged to drama genre. It was originally a Pakistani drama show which used to come on Hum TV. It had 20 episodes from 27 February 2013 to 10 July 2013. It later came in India on Zindagi TV by the same name from Monday to Saturday at 2 pm. Fahim Burney director the show whereas Sarwat Nazeer was the writer. Momina Duraid and Syed Afzal Ali produced the show under the banner Mushroom Productions. Goher Mumtaz was the theme music composer of the show, and he also sang the original title song.

The cast of the show included GoherMumtaz aka Faiz, Sohail Ali Abro aka Jahan Ara “Jia”, YasirShoro aka Zubair, Uzma Akhter aka Jia's Bhabhi, Farah Nadeem aka Jia's mother, ArishaRazi aka Sabeen, Saba Hameed aka Faiz's mother, Ayesha Omar aka Arzoo, and AzfarRehman aka Mohsin. Tanhai is an emotional show describing selfish nature of human beings. The show starts with flashbacks where Faiz, a rich businessman and Arzoo were married and he loved her a lot.

Even though they had two kids, Arzoo didn’t want to be a mother but a working woman. Arzoo meets Mohsin who promised her that he would give her everything as she wants. She turns selfish and marries Mohsin, leaving Faiz. After this, Faiz is very heartbroken and is leading a bitter life so his mother arranges his marriage for the second time but against his will with a very young woman who belongs to a lower-middle-class family, named Jia.

Jia is against this marriage as she loves her cousin and so rejects Faiz after going to his office but this time Faiz doesn’t want to be defeated by a woman second time so he uses his contacts and transfer her cousin to Dubai. While going, her cousin asks her to wait so that they could get married which makes Jia realize that he is a very selfish person and so she accepts to marry Faiz. Jia is shocked when she learns that Faiz has two children on the first night of marriage.

Faiz confesses that he married her only for his mother and children. She questions her brother that why he has hidden such a big truth from her so he tells that he did everything to secure her future. The truth is finally revealed to Jia's mother who is left devastated. She is hated by children in first few days, but slowly children and also Faiz start getting closer to her. Jia's family also eventually accepts the children. Arzoo, after learning all this, meets her children frequently as she fears that they would forget her.

She is jealous of Jia and Faiz's relationship as she had always felt that Faiz can’t love anyone other than her truly. When Arzoo brings her children to Mohsin and her house, Mohsin misbehaves with them and screams, so children leave the house. Later, she tries to ask forgiveness from them, but they refuse to talk to her. Arzoo begins to regret her decision of leaving Faiz and calls him with the reason of talking with children when he tells her that he is going to Bangkok for Honeymoon and the children are not there.

Arzoo gets more jealous and starts convincing Mohsin to take her too there. Meanwhile, all this time, Mohsin is shown to be in an extramarital affair with a friend of Arzoo and that it’s their plan to use Arzoo just for her money. Arzoo follows Jia and Faiz to Bangkok were Jia is helped by Mohsin when some robbers are chasing her. On the other hand, Arzoo meets Faiz as she had exchanged their phones. Jia starts feeling insecure after learning that Arzoo and Mohsin are also in Bangkok to which Faiz confesses his love for Jia. Meanwhile, Arzoo is stalking them.

Jia and Faiz have to return to Pakistan as Jia's brother had met an accident. Zubair, whom Jia used to love, returns to Pakistan and is hired by Arzoo for her own gain which is to trick Faiz into believing that Jia is cheating him that too with Zubair. Faiz comes in their trap after seeing Jia and Zubair together talking at the beach whereas, in reality, Jia was asking him to go and leave her alone. Faiz, in anger, send sJia back to her home after kicking her out. Jia goes to her home devastated.

Her brother, after seeing her condition, decides to talk to Faiz but is shocked to see that Arzoo in his house that too he had invited her. Mohsin and Arzoo are fighting as Mohsin wants all Arzoo's belongings including her money and properties, but Arzoo denies and decides to sue him. Zubair after knowing that Arzoo was Faiz's wife decided to quit his job. The children, after returning to the house, are unhappy to find Arzoo there and want Jia. They go to Jia and request her to return to home to which she agrees as she loves them.

Faiz is not happy to see her there and asks what she is doings and also tells her to leave. He also asks her to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Arzoo is divorced by Mohsin, and she leaves him telling to be happy always. Faiz finds out about Arzoo's lie of not wanting anything when he meets Mohsin. Faiz and Zubair both ask for forgiveness from Jia for their behavior. Arzoo is left shocking when sees Faiz, Jia, and children going out for dinner. The children also tell her that she isn’t their mother.

After that, she goes to meet Mohsin but is left shocked again to see him with Anum, her friend and when he tells her that he is leaving her just for Anum. The show ends showing a very angry Arzoo who is crying alone while going back home alone. She enters into her room and starts asking her that why she is crying when she has everything. Then she starts drawing with her fingers on the floor while laughing.