Hindi Tv Serial Tandoori Nights

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Tandoori Nights is a situational comedy series which telecasted on Channel 4 between the year 1985 and 1987. Jon Amiel was the man behind the entire serial. Farrukh Dhondy wrote this story. The serial include two different themes of six episodes. The story revolves around the two rival restaurants in London. The cast involves Saeed Jaffery, Tariq Yunus, Rita Wolf and Zohra Sehgal. It is one of the first Channel 4’s situational comedy series. The story starts from the character Jimmy who is the manager of an Indian restaurant situated in London’s Brick Lane. He was expeditiously waiting for his niece. She’s from Bombay named Sweetie. It happened to be her first visit to England. Jimmy asked Aladdin, his head chef and his head waiter, Noor, to make her feel home.

Bubbly daughter of Jimmy received a visit from her good friend Derek at a Community Centre. Asha Bubbly’s sister gets introduced with Derek. Bubbly told Asha that she canceled her weekend schedule because of Sweetie’s arrival to their place. At the airport whole, Jimmy’s family waited for Sweetie. Jimmy after having the discussion with the family about how Indian girls should dress and about culture and decorum of India excitedly waited for Sweetie. When she arrived, she was wearing the short low cut dress with lots of make-up, and she was carrying vodka in her duty-free bag.

Sweetie told Jimmy that she loved Chinese food and Jimmy asked Noor to get Chinese food for her. On the other Sweetie hardly cares about Jimmy’s plan. She was all set to go to Asha’s college which was directly opposite what Jimmy thought for the day. According to Jimmy they were going to see sights and visit a temple. Bubbly introduced Sweetie with Derek after which she was a drag to dance on musical beats. In England Sweetie’s last night, Aladdin was not happy with her as she returned previous late night. Jimmy ordered a Mercedes for Sweetie, to make her England trip memorable.

He invited himself and some guest for the meal n that evening. Sweetie called Derek for dinner; this was quite shocking for Bubbly. Sippy, the manager, arrived at the restaurant with his son. Bipan was an Oxford graduate. Jimmy tried to set Bubbly with Sippy’s son and made her seat next to him. After that, Sweetie arrived with an announcement that her dad arraigned her marriage with Bipan. Both the families celebrated this with the toasting champagne.