Hindi Tv Serial Tamanna


Tamanna depicts an Indian girl Dharaa, who aims to be a cricketer some day and the sacrifices she makes to be one. The serial is set in Jamnagar, Gujarat but framed in Mumbai. Unlike in another family, Dharaa is supported by her father, and she also convinces her grandmother. She plays cricket well, and future lies ahead of her. But a sudden fall appears in her life when her father gets weak and is unable to do any work.

She’s forced to marry a person named Mihir, and she is happy at the initial stage. Later on, she finds out the chauvinistic character of her husband and is depressed by his controlling and doubting of her character. He starts treating her as a prisoner and claims that their daughter Shubhangi is not Mihir's, but his boss and their neighbour Diwakar's. Fed up with his possessiveness and contempt, Dharaa asks for divorce. However, Mihr doesn’t oblige . But with evidence and last minute appearance of Mihir’s co-worker, and his confession helps Dharaa get the divorce.

After the divorce, M. N. Roy hired her as a cricket coach at a school in Meerut. She comes to Meerut and knows about riots. After the curfew, Dharaa joins the school and starts her career as a coach. She’s upset by the rivalry between the Hindu and Muslim students, and she finds a way to stop the bitterness between, creating a single group and succeeds in it. But because of a small war between them, the riot still continues and creates an issue at Bulandgaanj. Dharaa decides to resign her job, but the students apologize to her, and she returns to the school for coaching. But, eventually, Mihir comes to Meerut and gathers evidence that Dharaa is an irresponsible mother and is spoiling Shubhangi's future.

He proves at court that Dharaa is bad at parenting and takes Shubhangi to his custody. This serial, unlike the usual stories of tears and failures, is an inspirational story for every woman, of the sacrifices that Dharaa had made to reach the present situation of hers. Not to mention, her commitment to her dream to be someone different from other usual women who get married and settle with husband and children doing household works. Dharaa also showed courage to divorce despite knowing that the society might isolate her of her thoughts and her dreams. This story, every girl should take to heart.