Hindi Tv Serial Suryaputra Karn

Suryaputra Karn Hindi tv-serials on SONY ENTERTAINMENT

Suryaputra Karn’ is currently being shown on Sony Entertainment Television (both Asia and India). It was telecast first on June 28, 2015. It is a tale of a Mahabharata warrior Karn (Karma) who has been ditched by society and yet emerges as strong as Arjuna and remains a favorite of Lord Krishna even. How does Karn (Karna) come up in life after he was abandoned by his mother Kunti? The serial has sketched Karn’s life beautifully. The child TV actor Vishesh Bansal, at first, narrated the child Karn and later young Karn role was played by Basant Bhatt. However, now the adult Karn role is being described by Gautam Rode. Saurabh Pandey is describing the role of Lord Krishna and Karn's sweet-heart Vrushali is played by Farnaz Shetty.

Mouli Ganguly was chosen to play the role of foster-mother of Karn as Radha. Kunti’s role is played by Priya Bhatija since Karn had been influenced by Kauravas and opponents of Lord Krishna. Hence, the character of as Jarasandh (Vikramjeet Virk) and Shishupala (Anirudh Dave) was a part of the mega serial. Even Shakuni played by Ajay Jayaram is really excelling to watch. While Karn’s guru Acharya Drona played by Nirmal Bali deserves praise. Shaleen Bhanot as Duryodhan is just okay. Pankhuri Awasthi, who played the role of Draupadi, is now being highly praised as she faced a lot of humiliation in hands of Kauravas. The serial has shown how Karn had advised Yudhishthira (played by Kanan Malhotra) not to play the dice game with Shakuni. Despite his advice, Yudhisthira is bent on playing the dice game and loses his kingdom and becomes slave along with his four brothers and wife Draupadi.

The other characters of Yudhisthira’s four brothers are just reduced to the minimal role. Lord Krishna is seen advising Karn to take the side of Pandavas so that he can follow the path or righteousness in Mahabaratha war. Does Karn listen to Lord Krishna? It is said that the makers of the serial had approached three actors for playing the central character of Karn (Karna) and they were Karanvir Vohra, Karan V Grover and Karan Tacker Finally, Gautam Rode as Karn is being seen narrating the role. The serial is produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Pictures. This mythological serial is being directed by Swapnil Shahane, Gautam Nagrath, and Sumit Thakur.

Mihir Buta wrote this mega serial. The music of the serial was credited to Vinod Sharma Utkarsh and Lalin Nandil. The serial is watched largely by women, children and even adults who love to see Ramayana or Mahabharata umpteen times on television.