Hindi Tv Serial Survivor India-The Ultimate Battle

Survivor India-The Ultimate Battle Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Survivor India is the Indian chapter of famous show Survivor. Originally started in US eleven years go this has completed successful 21 seasons and is produced in about 48 countries. In India this show is hosted by Sammer kochar the famous Host. The show is produced by Miditech Pvt. Ltd. and is broadcasted on Saturday-Sunday nights. Like many of its counterparts, the show has a limited number of contestants trapped on an isolated region for a pre-determined period of time in last the one who remains lonely is given the title of Sole Survivor. Aside from the title, the winner also gets INR 10 million as prize money.

In this show contestants have to arrange for food by own in the area where they are isolated, no external help will be provided to them, they have to build their shelter and own society, they will be against everyone to check their strategy and potential. In end of every episode they have to vote against one contestant and the one voted out will be sent off the island. In never before seen conditions on Indian Television, nineteen competitors will leave the island, while one will come out triumphant and the sole SURVIVOR. .Survivor' is a reality television game show that enjoys popularity in several countries across the world.

This is very famous show in India hosted by Sameer Kochhar.